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Getting Information about PHP Installation

PHP provides phpinfo() function that prints details about your PHP installation. It can be helpful when you want to know about a certain setting like the location of php.ini file.

Copy following code to a file located in your web server and run it in your web browser.


You will be able to see tabulated information about your php installation. Usually a file like this is used as a test file to check that PHP is up and running.

  • First you will be able to see your PHP version.
  • Configuration File (php.ini) Path shows where is your php.ini located. PHP may keep a separate php.ini file for command-line. This setting shows the location of php.ini file that corresponds to your web server (the one you will use most).
  • Under date section, you will find the timezone used by PHP.
  • For many PHP extensions installed, there would a table listing extension details.
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